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Wordpress Services:

Wordpress is one of our preferred open source web software that we use to create stunning websites. We like it because of its simplicity and intuitive admin control panel that is so very easy to use. Also there are thousands of plugins available for almost anything that you can think of. Plugins help extend the core functionality of the cms software and helps add more features and functionality to your cms website. Plugins can be downloaded and installed in your website by just the touch of a button. Plugins can help you display your Twitter tweets, create a social network, include videos from YouTube, monetize your blog, flash gallery etc.

WordPress is one of the easiest way in which you can ensure your web presence. Highly flexible and user friendly; WordPress is one of the first choice worldwide as a publishing platform. We specialize in helping clients who are ready to take their WordPress projects to the next level by providing WordPress Design, Development, Customization and Support Services that yield measurable results. We do WordPress Design and Development all day and round the clock with over 200 projects since last 6 months, but don't take our word for it.

At SANDESH TECH SOFT we can provide you:

• WordPress sites
• WordPress Themes
• WordPress Design and Developmentv • WordPress Blog
• Search Engine Optimization and Word Press