Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the combination of processes, strategies and policies implemented by an organization to unify its customer interactions and provide a way to track customer and prospect information. CRM software improves services provided to customers, allows companies to use customer contact information for marketing, runs reports, provides a consistent message to prospects and customers, tracks incidents and much more. CRM application is a high-end tool which helps in organizing business processes and security network maintaining quality of products that up holds effective business interactions offering user friendly solution in performance, cost cuts, and flexible services meeting the customer’s satisfaction.

The right CRM system for your company or in education sector can improve efficiency, facilitate communications with customers/student and help increase revenues. Customers have grown increasingly service-oriented, making CRM a business necessity rather than an option. Customers have a vast variety of choices for spending their dollars; they will continue to demand better customer service and personalized communications in return for loyalty.

The benefits of implementing a CRM business strategy are far-reaching. Because CRM activities and technologies are fairly new to higher education, the best benchmarks come from the commercial sector. Many colleges and universities entered into ERP implementations with the goal of improving customer service. To some degree, service improvements were realized, but not because of improved support of customer interaction. These gains were realized through improved processing speed and better data.

Selecting the right CRM system is only part of the equation for success. With CDC Software Services, you get more than pre- and post-implementation support. We help fit CRM into your business processes and technology environment, ensure your users are able to use the system effectively, and continue to assess and enhance your system over time—which means you can count on getting full value from your CRM.

CRM is the new career choice in education. Originally thought to be the avenue for experts alone, now even fresher are opting for it. On account of its phenomenal growth CRM has become an interesting and rewarding option. CRM education is fast turning heads. CRM learners can be assured of good career prospects. There is a wide range of certification available from a number of industries.

Our approach to creating CRM gives you a solution that closely fits your industry’s business processes and workflows. This saves you the time and frustration of attempting to make a generic CRM solution work for your organization. Even better, our flexible solutions give you the foundation and tools you need to really make the system yours.